1-1 Coaching is a highly personal, individual experience. I offer 2 packages to work with me 1-1. A Fast-Fire 30 Day Package and a Deep-Dive 6 Month Program. Depending on availability and what you require. I don't work with everyone (truth) the reason being is that I want to know I can support you before we enter into a coaching relationship and that this is the right fit for both of us. I would love to see if that's you, please fill out the below and myself or my team will get back to you in 48 hours.


Client DP




"My time with Charlotte has been transformational and life-changing. Charlotte is an incredible coach with incredible gifts.

I achieved all the goals I set for my six months with Charlotte, but the most significant transformation was my relationship with myself.

Through Charlottes coaching, I was able to uncover limiting beliefs that had kept me stagnant for years. I was paralysed with procrastination, I had a beautiful vision for my life, but I could never get into action to achieve anything. I would start reading a book and never finish it; I would listen to podcasts and never implement anything; I would buy a course and quit halfway, all in hopes of a better reality but constantly being held back by my ego “keeping me safe”.

It was through my work with Charlotte that I received the best gift of all….awareness. Charlotte has an amazing ability to help bring your shadows into the light, to see your stories for what they are, to recognise your triggers and work through them and now I have all of these tools to be my own coach.

I can take the teachings from Charlotte and apply them to achieve anything in my life. I believe we are capable of all that we desire when we can get out of our heads and get into our hearts.

In six months, Charlotte was able to show me the path I had spent years searching for. All the books, podcasts and courses couldn’t compare to having Charlotte in my pocket over these past months, and I’ll be forever grateful for her wisdom, guidance and coaching.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Charlotte."

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