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by Charlotte Beswick

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Spiritual Growth Incoming... 

This isn't fluff. I don't believe in giving you things that won't support you on your journey. This is deep self-lovin, self-care and spiritual transformation. We're not talkin take a bath, go to sound healing, shake your oracle deck and hope the answers fall out BUT this self-love, I'm talking the deep, heartfelt connection, love, respect and nourishment that you, yes you, beautiful soul deserve. So you can feel the FREEDOM and PEACE you've been craving.

These free resources are sprinkled with my love and energy to support you on your  journey. A warm hug on a winters day.

I'm here to hold you, cheer you on and sprinkle a bit of fire to kick you up the butt when you need it. YEP - love comes in that form too. 

Over the years I've lost count of the amount of freebies I created (#energsierbunny) to deeply support clients through their healing and spiritual journey. Grounding Spirituality with the  3D, blending the Woo with the actual work and the real AF human journey so you can live your BEST most joyful, free life. So I thought I'd package them all up in one place just for you. 

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Inside the Charlotte Beswick Freebie Library You’ll Find:

Self Love for the Soul

Learn what self-love looks like and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Spiritual Toolkit for your Growth

All the woo - The Spiritual Path, Overthinking, Presence and tools that you can apply INSTANTLY to stop that negative chatter. 

Authentically Me

Wearing a mask is so 2020... we're here for you to SHINE and be YOU. Not who you 'think' you should be to please others.

The Guide to Get Unstuck Workbook

Time to get out of the muddy funk you find yourself in and unveil what is holding you back so you can bust through it. Lotus Flower Incoming. 


Slow down and connect to you. I know you don't have hours a day who does so these are Short & Sweet and won't take you hours. 

Journal Prompts

Reflection and Unveiling the deeper parts of you that may have been hidden can be done by you via these beautiful journal prompts. My coaching goodness sprinkling to get you reflecting inwardly. 

Podcast Episodes

All the episodes in one place, free and jam packed with goodness to support you on your healing journey. 

Mini Audios

These are like a juicy little canapé for your ears. Listen on the go and get motivated, supported and me in your ears. (Added end of August)



Ex-Olympic Champion Overthinker. I'm a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Soul Coach and Spirit Junkie

Your Energiser Bunny, Getting you out of your head + loving yourself

It's time for you to unlearn who you've become and relearn who you really are at the core of you. Freedom, Joy, Love - Heart-Felt Deep Profound Self-Love are yours. 

Join me on a journey to reconnect you back to your wholeness. Back to who you really are before society told you who to be.

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"I can't believe this was free - best workshop I've attended, thank you so much Charlotte"

Laura - UK
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"Wow so much insight from that session thank you so much"

Michelle - Australia

The Best Bit?

Yup - it's FREE. More goodness will be added in the future to deeply support you.

PLUS - If you join BEFORE the 11th August 2022 you get access to the Free Live Online Sister Circle. 


Life changing Workshops and Tools with a whole lotta lovin and a sprinkle of fire

  • Meditations
  • Workshops
  • Journal Prompts
  • Mini-Audios
  • PDF Guides
  • Online Challenges
  • And so much more!

Freaking Incredible, Right?

All of the above are in ONE space the Freebie Library. Click the button below and set up your free account.

It’s time, I know what is possible for you when you return back home to your heart, love yourself and start living your BEST more JOYFUL life.


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