An activation into deeper confidence, power and lasting inner peace
If you feel like you've lost trust in yourself, you're living in self-doubt, your confidence has taken a sky dive, then this is an experience you’ll want to pull up a seat at!

It's time to remember who you really are

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Hands Up If

▶ You're feeling frustrated as fuck with yourself as it feels like you’re always taking one step forward then 3 back and you just can’t seem to crack the code to keep going and actually stick to things long enough to create the change you’re craving.

▶ You've been telling yourself you can’t, you’re not good enough, you’re stuck, you don’t deserve better, you’re not and that your scatter brain will ALWAYS be so overwhelmed….

▶ You’re stuck in a never ending spiral of self-judgement and criticism for not being where you think you ‘should’ be by now -- the job, your parenting, the money, the relationship… and you’re sick of beating yourself up on the daily.

▶ You’re getting smashed in that little shitty rowing boat with fear of failure and making mistakes which feel like they’re going to capsize you any minute.

▶ You’re feeling STUCK in the mud and groundhog day and not knowing where the GPS signal went to get you out.

▶ You can’t remember the last time you actually felt clear, grounded and at peace - it’s been a constant sea of stress, anxiousness and overwhelm for months now and you can’t seem to see the light right at the end of it.

▶ You feel you’re on a constantly changing rollercoaster of up and down emotions -- lit up and inspired one minute, then overthinking and questioning everything (including yourself) the next.

▶ You’re craving a deeper sense of confidence from within - you’re so exhausted from waiting for it to come from a number on the scales, how you look, a monthly income goal, someone else telling you you’re beautiful - you want to embody that radiance and self-belief from within, now.

▶ Your big beautiful heart LOVES and cares for others so deeply but you feel powerless to their opinions and that one day people might wake up and be disappointed by what they see in you. :-(

▶ You're sick of feeling like this

▶ You’re not going to crack the code to deeper confidence or find that sense of long-lasting peace just by highlighting every second sentence in another self-help book or burying yourself in YET another self-development podcast or Sound Healing

▶ You’re ready to show up for yourself and your family so you can live your best life.

▶ You are the POWERFUL creator of your reality!

▶ You’re ready to skip the worry/doubt and OWN that you have everything in you that you need to get through each day, thriving (not surviving!)

▶ You're ready to be motivated, driven and plan for the future with clear steps on how you can get there (or can trust the universe to highlight your path)

▶ You are equipped to give yourself and your family all that you need to thrive and live life full of joy and peace!

▶ You’re ready to feel strong & confident again.

▶ Your future is so bright, it’s like the universe shone a light on YOU and its all you could ever hope for and more.

If you’re like… Hell yesss Charlotte

You’re feeling this and you’re ready to shake the shit off you don’t need, Reclaim your Power, be a Confident badass and tap back into that Peace and calm

Only $29.00 AUD

A live workshop session

I want you to

▶ Soak in an energetic bubble-bath of love and fire for 90 mins with me

▶ RECLAIM all of who you are and who you came here to be

▶ Be Strong and Confident again

▶ Trust in your intuition and Higher Self Guidance

▶ Find Peace and Calm

▶ Transform and Guide yourself back to deep unwavering self-belief in YOU

RECLAIM your Power, Reclaim your Confidence, Reclaim your Peace

We’re not fucking around this year, It’s time.
It’s time for you to remember who you really are




In RECLAIM You’ll receive -

Confidence Codes - How to crack the code to Confidence, listening and TRUSTING YOU and your inner guidance

Power Activation so you remember WHO you really are and how you can get out of the mud - Fire me UP Scotty!

Peace Out - or rather PEACE IN. Tune into peace and calm and get you out of scatter brain thoughts, life chaos and challenges derailing your energy train

Energy cleanse - How to move the feelings and emotions you’ve been holding onto so you're a CLEAR channel for LOVE and LIGHT

Guided Reiki Healing to move energy and love you hard! (Heart Chakra Healing baby)

What do you get

▶ 90 Mins LIVE Kick Ass Energiser Bunny Online Activation Via Zoom.

▶ 6-months Access to the recording via your membership library.

It's going to be so LIT. You want a seat. Trust me.

I can't wait to see you live, lovely soul.

Charlotte in a workshop

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About Your Teacher / About Me

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Charlotte Beswick

Spiritual Life Coach, Master Energy Healer and Sprinkler of Joy

I'm an Energiser Bunny, little bit of a wierdo. Who fought chronic anxiety, no self-worth, 0 confidence, negative body image and a trauma list a mile long. Now I love the science and the spirituality to guide you back home to who you really are. To show you what is possible for you so you can trust yourself and your intuition, Heal from your past, be confident and the BEST version of you! 

It's time. 

Charlotte xx

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