The Spiritual Survival Kit


Your first-aid kit for Spiritual Growth

This kit is to bring you back home to your heart and to living a more authentic, aligned, wholesome and peaceful life for you.

You Gorgeous, get to do this for you now, you get to have this, for your souls journey this lifetime. For your relationships, your kids, your friends, your family and it doesn't have to be hard, boring (mini vomit) or lonely.

Surviving as the epic human you are in 3D can be a ride, so it's Time to Thrive.

The Ultimate Spiritual Survival Kit

Get Me A Survival Kit

I don’t want you to just survive… I want you to THRIVE!

Pull up a seat, grab your journal and get ready to heal yourself sister.

The human journey/ride or should I say it's a rollercoaster that sometimes doesn't stop… highs, lows, dips, gripping for dear life, challenge after challenge, as if you’re doing the loop de loop. 

I was there - flying solo throwing shit at the wall and hoping and praying it would stick and 'fix me'. My 'survival kit' had crappy  bandages that kept falling off, my IV drip had nothing in it, nausea of doing the 'work' but getting no where left me feeling stuck and lost.

Which is where = Spiritual First Aid Kit comes in!

If you’ve been on the ‘path’ a while or just starting out, you browse crystals stores at the weekend, your oracle cards are attached to your hip and Kinesiology/Reiki are your current ‘survival’ tools... then pull the rollercoaster roll-bar off you. You won’t need that here. If you're struggling with the “how", navigating daily life after your healings  seems hard, get your kit and learn how to embody that beautiful heart-led soul that you are.

That Negative Nancy voice inside your head, Judge Judy and Criticising Chrissy don't have a seat at your future vision table. Now's the time sister... buckle up and get your kit ready to grab the tools whenever you need them. 

Your daily kit for surviving 3d Human Life. 

I know you’ve probably been feeling like you’ve been getting your feet stuck in the quicksand with no hope of a life raft and that leaves you feeling deflated and frustrated AF.

Time to get grounded with real tools, have some bloody fun on the way, a whole lot of love and join my Energiser Bunny Club. (yup that's my nickname)

I know what is possible for you when you are Confident, Joyful, Claiming that happiness that you so rightfully deserve this lifetime.

You get to have the beautiful relationships

You get to grow so much and be surrounded by epic soul-sister friendships

You get to claim the peace and calm from the busy and stress you've been caught up in

You powerful spiritual badass, you beautiful incredible soul, your loving energy gets to be nurtured, nourished and abundant, so you are overflowing with it. 

Because... your energy my friend is a precious AF commodity, it's time to protect it like it's gold, clear out the clutter of what ISN'T aligned and serving you and be the healthy AF Spiritual Badass you are.

RECLAIM your power and get your front-row seat to living the epic life you deserve.

Bring your heart to the table and let's get you loving you on a deep level now.

What a client said...

Special Testimonial
Charlotte Beswick Image 1

Energy 101

Protect it, clear it, cleanse it, have more of it. That empath in you is probably an energy vacuum cleaner - time to clear it out. Jam Packed with tools and bandages for your precious gold dust - your energy

Charlotte Beswick Image 5

Get out of Your Head

Overthinking, Comparison, Lacking confidence are not your BFF - The time for you to Stop that shit is now and get you into that beautiful big heart. LOVING YOU is the new IV.

Charlotte Beswick Image 6

Intentions and Affirmations

The powerful needles in your arsenal first aid kit. Let's put out what you're wanting to inject back those manifestations from the universe.

Charlotte Beswick Image 4

Oracle Cards, Reiki, Grounding

You've got the cards, the crystals and you've kinda been figuring it all out yourself. No more, you'll get a training on how to read your Cards, Receive a Group Healing and learn how to properly ground yourself.

Charlotte Beswick Image 2

Aligned and Vibrating like a Rampant Rabbit

Time to say a hellllsss to the yes to what you want and what is aligned, jeeezz no to what isn't. You vibrating at the highest frequency possible is what we're calling in here. higher... DAILY.

Charlotte Beswick Image 3

Mindset + Motivational Badass

That head is powerful (not the one you give, I'm sure you're great at that too but get your mind from the gutter) I mean the thoughts in your mind! Let's get you Mastering your Mindset and being Motivated AF

Plus much much more...

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You're a Badass Spiritual Babe and it's time to shine 

Face Masks are 2020 It's time to take it off and be your authentic self, all of you unmasked is IN for 2023 and beyond!


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What are you waiting for?


Get out of your head and say BEAT IT Anxiety

Love yourself - you gorgeous soul DESERVE deep heart-felt love - time to give it to you.

Raise your Vibe and STOP being energy suckered by others

Master Your Mindset

Be Motivated and in Action

Be ALIGNED AF with your dream life and be available for it now.

Plusssss so so much more; grounding yourself, meditations, Reiki Healings, journal prompts. Over $5000 worth of trainings/audios/videos to deeply support your soul's evolution this lifetime.