Charlotte Beswick 

Ex-Olympic Champion Overthinker

Your Energiser Bunny, Getting you out of your head + loving yourself

Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Soul Coach and Spirit Junkie


I am obsessed with helping you to STOP Overthinking, quit replaying situations over and over again, constantly worrying what people think about you so you can LIVE YOUR FREAKING LIFE to the fullest. Follow your dreams and be lit up by life again. I know if you’re here you probably think you’re not enough, you can't do it and I’m here to show you that is NOT TRUE.


I’m your energiser BFF who loves all the woo woo. I’m here to support you, cheer you on and show you WHAT is possible in your life when you reclaim your power. 


That negative mindset you find yourself in - snapping at those loved ones, beating yourself and your body up for how it looks, thinking people don’t like you, putting allll that pressure on yourself, it makes you feel pretty exhausted doesn’t it? 


That mean voice inside your head - I’m here to teach you to TAME that dragon. Be more present, have the relationships you dream of and get some of that juicy peace and calm you’ve been craving.

The truth is - I was there and I know what a struggle street it can be.


So let’s kick that overthinking to the curb and get you living your dream life. 

It's Time

If you feel a bit lost, overwhelmed and you're overthinking everything and anything, I hear you. 

You deserve to know, feel and believe just how freaking amazing you are. To be your TRUE-AUTHENTIC SELF

You my friend have more power than you know.

This is about you reclaiming your life.

This is about discovering who you really are.

Knowing in your heart what you really want and having it all - 100%

Freebie Library by Charlotte Beswick

Over the years I've lost count of the amount of freebies I created (#energsierbunny) to deeply support clients through their healing and spiritual journey. Grounding Spirituality with the 3D, blending the Woo with the actual work and the real AF human journey so you can live your BEST most joyful, free life. So I thought I'd package them all up in one place just for you.

All of the above are in ONE space the Freebie Library. Click the button below and set up your free account.

It’s time, I know what is possible for you when you return back home to your heart, love yourself and start living your BEST more JOYFUL life.



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