Charlotte Beswick 

Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Intuitive Channel + Master Energy Healer

Have the life and relationships you love the shit out of

Healing thats Deep, Fun and Real AF



I want you to heal and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE
I want you to wake up in the morning and BE your BEST SELF
I want you to live a life, you are in love with
A life that is lived to the fullest
A beautiful, full, free, peaceful life. Where you feel all the love that's available to you
So it's time beautiful soul, to get out of your head, say goodbye to worrying what others think, second guessing yourself, get into your heart and live life from there
You're not your past and you get to be deeply rooted in self-love, grounded in who you really are and here to living life to the fullest.
You know deep down inside of you that life is meant to be lived, but you've just been feeling so exhausted, drained and unfulfilled - just HOW can you do it? 

The doom scroll at the end of the day, reaching for the wine, grabbing the lindt coz you know - that will make you feel better? NOPE

I know it's frustrating, but you're here and I'm going to hold you safely, so you can heal, get unstuck and remember your wholeness and your worth AND you know what... It's actually easier than you think
You get to live a life where feel that deep sense of peace and love within yourself. 
You get to be freed and you’re thriving
You have the POWER to change your life in any way you want to
I know you probably think you’re not enough and life’s given you some knocks and challenges that have lead you to doubt yourself.
Self-Judgement may have been at an all time high…Fears may have been ruling the show
No more
If you feel in your heart you’re meant for more, to experience the fullness of life, to really thrive then YOU ARE! 
Let that be the vision that pulls you in. You're not here to be unhappy, unfulfilled and bored by life
Your SOUL came here for this and you've landed here for the exact reason that you are meant to
I'll have you getting unstuck, moving those blocks, trusting yourself and loving the shit out of yourself.
Let this to be your reminder from the universe, that it really is possible for you.


I’m Charlotte, I’m a Spiritual Mentor + Intuitive, Master Energy Healer, Your Energizer bunny and Spiritual bff.

I'm your earth angel, here to guide you to remembering who you really are and what you keep dreaming about, day-dreaming about doesn't have to be a dream any more. It gets to be your reality. 

I've alchemized my own wounds, with a shit tonne of courage and strength into the Love and Freedom I desired, I have the relationships, business and fulfilment for my life that I never imagined possible. 

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I travel the world as a digital nomad with my soul-mate husband, I have a beautiful abundant business, I love myself and live my best most lit up, fuck yes life!

The truth is – life wasn’t always roses and butterflies.
I left home at 16, lived in a caravan for 2 years, had chronic anxiety, attracted toxic relationships, had ZERO confidence, worked a soul-sucking career as a debt collector and struggled with bulimia for 13 years.

I judged the crap out of myself DAILY.

I couldn’t achieve, do, have… not me, other people yeah but not me.

I know life has dealt you some tough cards too and I’m here to tell you they don’t define you. You get to trade those cards in for a Royal Flush beautiful soul!

I will support you, cheer you on, we’ll have the lols, the truth bombs, I’ll sprinkle the spiritual woo and Intuitive guidance your way to show you what is possible in your life.

Break-free from the shitty stories and limiting beliefs you’ve been believing for waaayyyy too long.

I’ll hold you in the safest most sacred space so you can remember who you are.

My Clients call me an “Earth Angel”

It’s time to break-free from your blocks

Rewire those beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and procrastinating.

We’ll reveal what you really want, uncover what’s been stopping you, heal your relationship to yourself and life and then watch the manifestations rolling in.

Happiness, Joy, Energy, A beautiful career/business, Abundance, Freedom & Soul-Mate relationships are yours for the taking.

It’s time to claim it all now.

Believe in yourself

Have the confidence to go after what you want

Let’s kick overthinking to the curb

Say catch ya later to self-judgement and get you living your best life.

My Promise to You 


✨You can believe in yourself

✨You can heal from your past

✨You can feel enough and worthy

✨You can change your life

✨You can live a life you’re in love with

✨The life you want is yours for the taking

It's Time 


✨You deserve to know, feel and believe just how freaking amazing you are.

✨To feel deep true Freedom within yourself.

✨To have the confidence to go after what you want.


✨You have the power to change your life in ANY way you want to

✨You get to have the energy and be inspired and motivated by life again

✨You can have the Confidence and Belief in yourself that you remember what your soul always knew, that you're worthy, deserving and enough

You get to be FREE

Reclaim your life, your desires and finally know in your heart what you really want and have it all.

You’re waaayyyy more powerful than you know.

You get to create a life you love



My Mission 


I'm calling all women to create the life and relationships they love. To remember their wholeness and who they truly are and find true Freedom from within. 

It’s time to stop settling for mediocre because society or that negative voice inside your head is telling you that you can’t have it all. 

The Goal: To rally the most incredible group of spiritual, heart-centred souls who are ready to create a life they are in love with.

Healing thats DEEP, FUN and REAL AF.


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