Hey there!
I'm Charlotte

Ready to start living a 
Life you're absolutely in love with?

Then you're in the right place

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Hey there!
I'm Charlotte

Ready to start living a 
Life you're absolutely in love with?

Then you're in the right place

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If you're an old timer aka IG story stalker 😂 then I hope you enjoy this little insight into my world & if you're a newbie around here then welcome! 😊

Here's all the goodness you need to know to see if you're in the right place and vibing the energy. Or should you jump ship and hit that unfollow button and leave now. Psst. I won't be offended.

Your time and energy is precious AF and if you're here then make it worth your while and make sure the energy is pulling you in and you're ready to hear the truth talking, fire, lols and heart-led spiritual goodness that drops out of my (sometimes) potty mouth.

If you're sticking around, then i love you, slide into my IG and say hey 😘


I experienced a lot of childhood and adult trauma that I've worked on healing and still am.

If you're here - I am not perfect, I am not healed. I am walking this path right alongside you.

So what's the journey and the behind the scenes... Well I left home at 16 and lived in a caravan for 2 years. I decided shit needed to change in 2010 when I hit my absolute rock-bottom moment. Toxic Relationships, bad habits, anxiety through the roof. I felt so broken, lost, helpless and alone.

I wanted out of my soul-sucking job, I wanted a soul-mate, I wanted confidence,  freedom, peace and I wanted to heal from my past but I didn't know how!?!

I battling an eating disorder alone for 13 years, I suffered with chronic pain, severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression and self-loathing. I know and understand first-hand the struggles involved in living your happiest life.

Taking that first step is the most daunting and the main reason most people put it off – through fear.

I coach and guide all my clients through that journey.

Finding that belief in themselves to achieve EVERYTHING they have ever wanted with their life; shift the shitty beliefs they have, heal their past and not for a day or a week but forever.

You can make changes that last the long haul.

I use a variety of life coaching practices, somatic work, intuitive guidance (coz your guides and the universe loves to give you their input) and  mindset techniques, to give you a whole-body, mind, soul healing approach. 

More about me...

I’m a Sagittarius sun

Libra Moon

Libra Rising

(I’m all about travel, adventure & balance baby)
I’m a HD generator 5:2

Infj-a - introverted extroverted hermit and intuitive empath

I’m an energizer bunny until I’m not then I want to hibernate in a forest for eternity. I love people and equally don't, I love lots of time and space to myself.

I say Fuck way more than my Mum would probably like me too but it's me and I've learnt to love this (sometimes) potty mouth because sometimes things just need a Fuck dropped in here. 

I’ve travelled the world 3 times, once solo (I’ve been to 50 countries and counting) and I've lived on 4 continents I’m a full-time Digital Nomad and run my biz all over the world from my laptop.

Charlotte Beswick kissing an Elephant
Charlotte Beswick riding a scooter

I love breaking norms of what society says I 'should' be doing and making freedom, joy, happiness and fun my compass! I believe that the life you want is yours for the taking and your dreams and desires don’t need to collect dust! I started my healing journey back in 2010 I struggled with chronic anxiety and bulimia for 13 years and never told anyone. I had no confidence, was an expert overthinker, hated myself, self-judgement was my BFF and I struggled so much in all areas of my  life.

Outside looking in, my life looked great. Awesome six-figure job, world travel. But I was exhausted, unfulfilled and my relationships were in the toxic realm. I didn’t think I was good enough, worthy or deserving of any better. Until I hit rock bottom, curled up on the bathroom floor, I had a huge dark night of the soul and I didn’t want to be here anymore. So I worked on me and I’ve spent the last 14 years healing, growing, transforming and changing my entire life.

Childhood image of Charlotte Beswick

More goodness – I believe in breaking societal norms and crappy rules we are made to follow, doing what feels most aligned for my heart and soul and saying fuck no to anything that isn’t that. I am unapologetic in who/what I allow into my life. I have INCREDIBLE soul-sister friendships now, a beautiful soul-mate husband whom I love and adore. I have created a life I am in love with and it keeps getting better and better. I have an epic podcast with over 10,000 downloads. I’ve coached and healed for over 1000 hours. I’m all spiritual but I’m also a human grounded in the 3d who dances between worlds. I’m also a psychic and channel messages from spirit.

I have a secret obsession with Dogs - any dog I will foster, adopt and love them, I'm also a weirdo who loves funny reels where people get scared. 

Learning, reading and knowledge - I'm always doing at least 1 course or program to level up and elevate.

  • I cuss a bit if you don’t like the word shit or fuck I’m probably not for you
  • Health and Fitness is a huge priority to me - Body, Mind, Soul - all important and in your hands not in the hands of big pharma.
  • I have Zero tolerance for the news/mass media and government fuckery

Other funny things –

  • I have no co-ordination / 2 left feet and if you see me dancing #yourewelcome
  • I detest bananas get those ugly yellow things away from me
  • I feel like a walking contradiction, some days Im deeply connected to source, a healer who channels and I train Muay Thai who can drop the F Bomb. I'm a heart-led soul who is Fiery Af and deeply feels people's emotions and wants to help the planet heal.
  • I am super passionate about what I do. All the fire comes out to guide you and support your transformational journey to healing, it can and often is triggering but I will also hold the safest most loving space (you will see me cry in my programs)
  • I have never and have no inclination to watch MAFS, Love Island or any reality TV, drama is a no-go for my heart, soul and energy.

My Life Mottos:

>>Live Life to the Fullest

>>The Life you want is yours for the taking

My Mission Statement:

I'm calling all women to stop overthinking and judging themselves. Heal from their past at the root, by shifting the shitty beliefs and stories they have about themselves, to live life to the fullest. A Fuck Yes Life they Love so they're Free.

Quit settling for a mediocre life, surviving when you get to THRIVE

The Goal:

To rally the most incredible group of spiritual, heart-centred souls who are ready to create a life they love. Kick self-judgement to the curb, be free and love themselves. Creating a ripple affect into their lives and as a result the world.

Love starts with you & the life you want, is yours for the taking


Vibing what I’m saying?

Let's do this

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