10 things about me

Jun 16, 2021

10 things you don’t know about me…⁣

It’s been a while since I've done a lil intro, as I’ve had a few new people join. Thought I’d welcome you all in, so we can get to know each other a little better. Thanks for joining the Charlotte Beswick family 💕 ⁣

Here goes...

1.My sense of humour is the kind where I laugh more at my own jokes than other people do - I am completely ok with laughing at myself, it’s fun 🤣⁣

2. I am the youngest of 4! I’m the only one who flew the nest at 16 and has lived away for 10 years.⁣

3. I’m terrible at spelling and grammar if you are the grammar police - I’m probably not for you, since moving back to Aus from Canada, I feel like I’m starting again with my spellings. ⁣

4. I’m crazy obsessed with self-development, I read 4 books a month and I'm always enrolling in courses and learning from coaches and mentors. Meditation and Reiki are my JAM! ⁣

5. I haven’t watched TV or the News for 6 years, I don’t miss it one bit, it was the best decision I made for my mental health.⁣

6. I love old English sayings, like ‘you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ I love them and they make our world make sense. ⁣

7. I’m into everything spiritual and woo woo. If you’re too scared to try something hit me up, I'll do it and review it for you 😁⁣

8. I don’t swim in the ocean very much, pretty much my biggest fear are those sharks. This year I'm taking surf lessons, please great whites be nice, I am not a seal!⁣ 🦭

9. I say fuck way more than I probably should, sometimes it just slips out, if that offends you, I’m probably not for you 🧐⁣

10. I hate washing my hair, if I could never wash it again I would be the happiest person alive, #dryshampoo for the WIN!⁣

11. I may be a coach, reiki practitioner and spiritual but if you pick on my sister, I will HUNT YOU DOWN. ⁣

Ok so 11... and a BONUS⁣

I believe life is short, live it! Don't try and pretend to be someone you’re not, love yourself, be yourself & follow your dreams.

Tell me, can you relate to any of these? Surely I'm not alone...

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