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⁣A Letter to My Body

Dec 23, 2020

⁣A letter to my Body⁣

Dear Body⁣

I’ve hated you more than I’ve loved you⁣
I’ve beaten you up more times than I can count⁣
I've restricted you⁣
Starved you⁣
Fought with you⁣
Argued with you⁣
Loathed you⁣
Second guessed all that you do for me⁣
Wished you were different⁣
Overexercised you⁣
Pushed you to your limits and⁣
Prayed you would change⁣
I tried to scrub away your lines⁣
I've not listened to you
I tried to make you change into something you weren't ⁣

And for that body I am sorry⁣

I decided to give up fighting with you, that battle would never have a winner.

I’m sorry I hated you for so long⁣

I'm still learning to love you 💕 but I make the commitment that no matter how you look, I will keep on loving you⁣. The decisions I make for you will be from love.

I will still fall down⁣

I will still have negative thoughts about you⁣

I may make mistakes

But I promise to return back home to love 💘

This has been the most magical gift I ever gave to myself.

Don’t hate your body - It's your beautiful life vessle and there is no second option, replacement or taking it back.

Tell me, what would you write in a letter to your body? ⬇️⬇️💕

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