Affirmations DON'T WORK!⁣

Aug 24, 2021

Affirmations DON'T WORK!⁣

Most people say an affirmation, repeat it a couple of times and then hope it will stick. More often than not, it doesn’t stick and they get disheartened because they don’t feel any truth in it. So they give up.⁣ 🤦‍♀️

If that is you, then read on - ⁣

Through YEARS of banging my head against a wall trying to get affirmations to work. I have developed a tried and tested way to show you how to make affirmations work for you.⁣

In just 6 steps -⁣

1. Visual (Post-it notes are your best friend these are some of my fave quotes scattered around my 🏠)

2. Thoughts (Thinking about your affirmations multiple times a day)⁣

3. Auditory (Hearing them played or saying them out loud on repeat)⁣

4. Kinesthetic (Doing something that allows you to FEEL the affirmation)⁣

5. Reading/writing them down (on repeat in a journal/post-it note)⁣

6. Feel the feeling of the Affirmation (Drop into your body and allow your cells to energetically connect to them)⁣

Save it to remind yourself of some powerhouse affirmations and tips to get you sticking to them in 2021!⁣ 💓

Charlotte xx⁣

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