Baby Charlotte

Apr 12, 2023
Charlotte Beswick as a kid sitting on a couch

I started my healing journey in 2010 and my business journey in 2017.

Both have taught me so so much. There were a hell of a lot of challenges in BOTH which presented me with similar stories, thoughts and patterns.

Baby Charlotte 13 years ago, 6 years ago - My mind raced, my thoughts about myself and my biz were shitty, life was hard and always a struggle, business was so tough, I had no confidence, I didn't know HOW to make it work. I never got anywhere, I was never really progressing, and I never achieved what I wanted.

So you know what - LIFE MIRRORED THAT. Life was hard, I didn't heal, had no confidence, my business never grew, I was constantly stuck in the same cycles and patterns. 😭

What thoughts are you telling yourself and then you're feeling and receiving that in life? (That I know for damn sure you don't anymore)

The Thoughts + Beliefs you have about yourself = Life will mirror that.

Your Thoughts = You have the power to change them.

Here's what I've learned from having coached hundreds of people -

◾If you tell yourself something often enough you will believe it
◾You are the thinker of your thoughts NOT your thoughts
◾Not all your thoughts are true they are just playing on repeat from the day before
◾When you desire change badly enough, when you are so uncomfortable with where you are and you get into aligned action = you achieve what you desire.
◾Healing isn't linear
◾Embodied action not just awareness, gets you results.

In MASTERY I'm going to teach you to -

👉Change the way you're thinking about life, situations and the groundhog day you've been finding yourself in
👉Skyrocket your mindset so everyday you see the challenges with NEW EYES
👉Gain a bomb diggidy energy and high vibe perspective so you are FREE from the negativity
👉Have Orgasmic thoughts that elevate the shit out of you
👉Have the energy of your life sizzling with joy

We go LIVE April 17th 7pm AWST

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