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🙌🏼Be the breaker🙌🏼

Apr 12, 2022

Society, friends, family, and primary caregivers often set “rules” for how we should or how they expect us to live our lives.

That often looks different for everyone, mine was trying to conform. School, College, Uni, get a “good” job, buy a house, meet someone, get married, have kids, settle down.

This works for some, me not at all, it strangled me in a vice. Not only were some of these options not available to me - especially in that order I felt like I didn’t have my shit together or was “behind” everyone else. I compared myself to others and felt like I was chasing something that didn’t exist due to rules/expectations set by society.

So at 23 I said fuck it, quit my job, sold everything I owned and went travelling. I found more freedom and happiness breaking rules than I ever did following them and I still do. In 2016 we packed our lives up and travelled for a year and lived in Canada for 2. It came with its many challenges but not one single regret!

Where aren’t you FULLY living through fear of what others may think? Through being afraid to break some societal rules?

You get to decide!
We have this rodeo this lifetime once… it’s time to start living. Fully living. Time to break some rules.

Who is ready to go for it for the rest of 2022? Declare the shit out of it below. ⬇️⬇️

Charlotte xx

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