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Be your own Best Friend⁣

Sep 13, 2021


To be your own best friend⁣

To be your own cheerleader⁣

To stop being so mean and cruel to yourself.⁣

To press pause.⁣

To take a deep breath in and to treat yourself like you treat your best friend.⁣

What would you say to your best friend? ⁣

If they were sat in front of you and were being mean to themselves?

If they felt lost?

If they were overthinking and second-guessing themselves? ⁣

If they constantly told themselves they weren't enough and their body was ugly?

What is the kindest most compassionate thing you would say?

Now take that pretty ass of yours and go look in the mirror and say that to yourself 💗⁣

Share this with your best friend and let them know it's time for them to do it too. 😘⁣

Love and Light⁣

Charlotte xx

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