Before Reiki and After Reiki

Aug 06, 2021

Me this morning... Before Reiki and After Reiki 😛⁣ Zen... 🧘‍♀️

Me when anxiety, maybe you put your shirt on back to front 🤪, put coffee in your protein shaker (like me) or you just aren't feeling yourself.⁣

Please lovely hang in there.⁣

You've got this and you aren't alone. ⁣

We are experiencing a lot energetically and collectively right now. Maybe you are feeling stressed about the future, you are entering lockdown again or just feeling in a funk. ⁣

I've got you. ⁣

You don't need to criticise yourself or beat yourself up. ⁣
It is incredibly unhelpful and compounds how you are feeling. ⁣

Know this - ⁣

➡️Not every day will be perfect ⁣
➡️You won't feel on top of the world - 100% positive and happy floating on a cloud everyday and THAT IS OK! ⁣

You are human.⁣
Ride the wave you're on.⁣
Be kind to yourself⁣
Be compassionate⁣
Feel anything you need to feel - feelings are normal⁣
Use tools that support you ⁣
and please know⁣
anything you feel is welcome and this too shall pass 💓

Anyone else feel like the first pic lately? 🤪⁣

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