Brick Walls and strapping the fuck in

May 30, 2022
Charlotte meditating

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve taken a huge step back, created some strong brick wall style boundaries and gone into a deeply self-reflective black hole

We came here for this and during these times we have to stop. (This is my uncomfortable space)
No matter what’s going on outside - for me to go into the abyss is hard.

(please don’t underestimate that this means your life/business stops, I had one of my most successful abundant days in my business with 0 marketing during this time)

I’ve sat back though and realised navigating travel, work, selling everything I own, running my business, a fully booked schedule, launch prep, an interstate move. It’s a lot. I’ve felt unsettled, ungrounded, unsure, uncertain and I’ve had to anchor the fuck in. I made the decision to take a big leap into the unknown and to get into alignment with my vision. Seat belt on + a roll bar has been required.

personal challenges thrown in made me question pretty much everything. Work, Relationships, Me, My dreams, What I want out of life. I even questioned who am I? It’s been a painful few weeks, identity shifts, death of a previous self and letting go

Leaning into this level has been uncomfortable.

Saying No
I Stopped creating content/posts
Buckets of tears
I didn't show up on stories for weeks
No catch-ups/phone calls that weren’t a necessity - (friends I love ya)
0 none essential work
Deep, nourishing time with myself

If you're feeling it, I invite you into my own questions -

What can I let go of right now,
What doesn’t need to be done
What do I need
How can I love myself deeply

There is an invitation during times of uncertainty&challenges, where you have to create boundaries and honour YOU. Then arms up roller-coaster style and surrender.

Let go of what isn’t serving you as you create space for what will.

Cocoooning happens right before the breakthrough, the metamorphosis where the caterpillar sheds the old layers and breaks free of the chrysalis to become the butterfly. I feel this deeply right now.
Don’t forget you’re a butterfly 🦋

I know it’s painful, if you’re in it I’m with you 😘.

Much love gorgeous soul

Charlotte xx

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