Conversations in your head

Feb 11, 2022

Allllll the feels...

Hands up if you sit there thinking, reminising, overthinking about something from yesterday, last week, last month? Or something that happened to you YEARS ago that you just can't seem to get out of your mind? Are you letting it take up valuable real estate? That might I add it didn't fucking pay for

Do you find that when you're replaying conversations in your head, what you said, what they said, what you did, what they did, what they are thinking about you... is exahusting. That the voice inside your head crictises you... judges you and is mean?

Then it pipes on up about what you SHOULD be doing, where you SHOULD be by now, that you aren't a good person, that you'll never be successful, that you'll never have the dream relationship, people do not like you, you'll never meet someone, set up that successful business, you'll never earn XXX, there is something wrong with you!

I feel ya, this quote hits hard this week. It hurts, it's heavy and it's pulled your power away from NOW!

The mind is powerful AF but it will also fuck up everything you're trying to embody, pulling you back into the past or into the worst-case scenario of the future. Anything not in this very moment.

Where are you caught up in the past or the future over living in the NOW?
Where is that mind continuing to keep you stuck and not going all in?
Where is that self-judgement and criticism making you feel like crap?

Don't let it steal any more of your today.💓

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