COVID Weight Gain

Dec 29, 2020


I get that your body may have changed, you may have gained a few lbs, maybe even increased a size and possibly lost some fitness. I understand that may feel uncomfortable. If you'd have told me 6 years ago I gained 5-10lbs, I would have been angry and annoyed for 'letting myself go'.⁣ Not any more!

I would have dieted,beaten my body up and it would have led to another vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. Like a high power suction vacuum cleaner - keeping me STUCK. ⁣

I am so heartbroken to see the posts, the memes, the jokes, the comments around COVID Weight Gain.⁣

Over the past 6 months your body has-
>Endured isolation + quarantine⁣
>Complete disconnection with friends, family members and loved ones⁣
>Complete upheaval of a routine⁣
>Lack of structure and consistency with your days and weeks⁣
>Uncertainty about your future⁣
>Cancellation of plans/holidays/events⁣
>Stress, Anxiety and Fear of sickness⁣
>Lack of Vitamin D and long periods of time indoors⁣
>Financial Stress and Pressure⁣
>Job uncertainty⁣
>Sleeplessness, overthinking and worry⁣

You know what – your BODY has SURVIVED all of this for you.⁣

And yeah it may have adapted, the human body is phenomenal and ADAPTS to the environment and to Emotional, physical and mental stressors. You may have been living in fight or flight response for 5 months. You may have eaten more and differently than usual. ⁣

You know what – YOU’RE HUMAN.⁣

Stop beating your body up for doing what it is designed to do -⁣ SURVIVE FOR YOU.⁣

You are saying to your body – meh I don’t care what you’ve endured, I need to change you, you need to look how I want you to look or how society deems you 'should' look.⁣

If you do something, be kind to your body. Those rolls, those lbs, that extra layer is adaptation. Your body is your beautiful life vessel which has just survived for you. If not thrived for you during one of the most challenging times of your life.⁣

You only get 1 lovely. ⁣

Love yourself, don’t hate yourself.⁣
Your body has changed and that is ok. ⁣

With love ⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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