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Dear Body...

Dec 23, 2020

Your body, my body, any body -

This is the most vulnerable share I have ever made and to be honest I am shitting my pants a little. I once said I would never share something like this on social media. Things have changed I've changed and grown and I've now decided to do this for a number of reasons.

To support any woman/man who has ever criticised their body

To show you what is possible

Being Vulnerable

My own healing

I have struggled with my body image my entire life.

Recovery from my eating disorder was the hardest thing I have ever faced and caused me tremendous mental and emotional health struggles. 12 years alone and in silence.

I had body dysmorphia, binge and emotional eating episodes and yo yo dieted, which lasted for years following my eating disorder.

I will always be in recovery.

I abused my body physically, emotionally and mentally for so long.

The journey to loving myself began 11 years ago and It's an imperfect journey, but by sharing this I really hope it supports you. I don't love my body 100% of the time, unconditionally every single second. I have off days. I have days where I catch myself making a remark, but I am quick to turn it around and return back to love.

If you beat your body up, if you struggle with negative body image, you are yo-yo dieting, binge eating, restricting, emotional eating, hating your body, not wearing shorts, hiding away, criticising your bumps, dimples, curves, lines, cellulite, lacking in confidence then I hope my journey inspires you.

I hope you know what is possible for you.

If I can move from where I was, to beginning to heal the relationship with my body, to now loving it.

You can too.

A letter to my body

Dear Body

I’ve hated you more than I’ve loved you

I’ve beaten you up more times than I can count

I've restricted you

Starved you

Fought with you

Argued with you

Loathed you

Second guessed all that you do for me

Wished you were different

Overexercised you

Pushed you to your limits

I've prayed you would change

I tried to scrub away your lines

Cursed the dimples you adorned

I covered you up

I was at war with you for so so long

I refused to let you wear things because of how you looked

I really did hate you for as long as I can remember

And for that body I am sorry

I decided to give up fighting with you – that battle never have a winner

I’m sorry I hated you for so long

I'm now learning to love you on the deepest level possible

I make the commitment that no matter how you look I will keep loving you

You have suffered for me, you have crumpled, changed and stretched to grow me. You have carried me through some of the most challenging times of my life

and I want you to know that you are freaking phenomenal

I still have that little inner critic whispering at me some days

I may still have some negative thoughts about you

But I promise to always return back home to loving you

Because body I do love you

P.S Keep your eyes peeled... if you are ready to step into loving you, something exciting is coming!!

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