Don’t underestimate what one step can do

Oct 07, 2022
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If someone would have told me back in 2010 that I would be doing what I’m doing now, feeling how I feel now I would have told them they were lying.

I was curled up on the bathroom floor, broken, feeling so alone, lost, struggling with chronic anxiety and an eating disorder which I’d had for nearly 13 years. I criticised, beat myself up, lacked confidence, judged myself, single as I'd just left a toxic relationship and felt like I couldn’t go on.

I didn’t believe I could heal.

I kept showing up
I kept on doing the work
Every day I kept taking 1 step
I kept on loving myself even when it felt impossible
I kept making hard choices even when I didn’t want to
I kept facing fears
I kept digging deep
Then I started to feel it

I started to notice my outer world changing
Finally, I started to believe it as I received and manifested; my soul mate, friendships, work, clients, and world travel.

But the biggest of all was how I felt in myself.

It wasn’t smooth sailing but I can sit back now, hand on heart grateful for the things that broke me down. Grateful for the things that cracked me open.
Grateful for the struggles, the challenges and the moments where I didn’t want to go on. Grateful for all the things that brought me back home to myself.

Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Don’t underestimate what one decision, one choice, one book, one podcast, one healing, one investment, one conversation or what one step can do.

They make up the 365 steps in a year
Then 3650 steps in 10 years.
That’s the healing journey - one step, one decision.

Love yourself hard today and know that you’re taking powerful steps on your healing journey.💕

Much Love

Charlotte xx

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