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Dreadful Monday

Nov 03, 2021

Anyone else? ⁣🙋‍♀️

I used to dread Monday. The heaviness of the week ahead, everything I had to do, the lists, the meetings, the decisions. Burning off what I ate at the weekend, criticising myself and feeling this slump as I got to work. FFS Monday - you're here again! ⁣🤦‍♀️

If you feel like that too, Monday's don't have to be filled with so much dread, overwhelm and replaying everything you've got to do this week, it's exhausting.⁣😫🤯

It can feel light going into your week, calm and NOT overthinking everything.


>> Monday is just another day of the week⁣
>> Your week - your choice - don't give your power away to work, the list, anything or anyone else⁣
>> Peace and Calm is always available to you - YES even amongst the chaos/busyness⁣ of life.

Charlotte xx⁣

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