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Facing Fears 😬

May 05, 2023
Charlotte Beswick learning to ride a scooter in Thailand

I’ve been petrified to drive a scooter. I’ve refused for years, even during our central and South American adventures back in 2017 I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. 😥

After spending my teenage years around bikes and dating a motorbike rider, I saw first-hand what these things do to people. It left a big imprint on me (hello little T👋)

I've been ok riding on the back of others (even strangers) but felt so anxious every time I thought about driving myself. All the what-ifs, the dangers, the lack of confidence, my anxiety started creeping in and it made me feel really scared.

My Fear and my thoughts were stopping me.

It's the number 1 mode of transport in Thailand so I decided to face the fear. I’m going to practice exactly what I coach, guide and support my clients through every single time!! Even if I’m 💩💩my panties! Because I’m here to live by the code of what I coach/heal.

I worked on healing through my beliefs, I ensured my nervous system was regulated, gave myself a powerful pep talk, loved myself hard through my anxiety, I got out of my head and I did it.

A little wobbly and a bit unsure, but I’ve been driving solo for 5 days now and I even made a little trip with Boyd on the back.

I feel free.

Am I still a Little nervous - yep.
But I do it anyway.
Even if the worst happens and I crash - I’m going to be ok. Knowing ALWAYS I’m safe, guided, protected and I’ve got this, I can do hard things and I am no longer going to be limited by my fears.

I’m absolutely unwilling this lifetime to be held back by my thoughts, my past, my anxiety and my belief that I’m not confident enough or the ‘I can’t because….’ (Insert your own story in here)

Stop letting your fears rule you so you don’t do things.
You’re stronger than you think. More powerful than you know.
Back yourself. Trust yourself and do the things that scare you. Your freedom exists on the other side of them.

Have you driven one? Would you? 🤔

Charlotte xx

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