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Fear 😱

Dec 01, 2021

Are you in a state of fear?

I see it
I feel it in my body, the dense heavy energy
I hear it from clients and the public

I’ve been there too

Fear of tomorrow
Of the unknown
Of uncertainty
Worry and thinking about all the what if’s….
Fear for your family, work, money, putting food on the table

But fear of a future based reality that may never eventuate creates stress, spikes cortisol, lowering your immune systems ability to fight dis-ease + causes Anxiety overload

Whenever you find yourself caught in that fight, flight or freeze that fear can create.

Press pause
Breathe in through your nose, slow long exhale out of your mouth.
Open your heart.
Get into your body and grounded into the present moment.

Ask yourself these questions

What am I afraid of?
What created this fear?
What thoughts are perpetuating this cycle of fear?
What triggers caused this to come about?

Allow yourself to be there, be kind to yourself.

There is either present fear (being chased by a bear in the woods, braking to avoid a car accident, swimming away from a shark)

Future fear - imagining a worst-case scenario from a possible future event, creating stories, worst-case scenarios, increasing anxiety, creating panic and stress.

Is it present fear, in this exact moment or fear of something POSSIBLY happening in the future?

Neither are wrong, but one is avoidable.

No amount of your thoughts about a future based reality change it.
They only take you away from the here and now. Pulling your energy away from presence.
Trust yourself. Your body. Your inner guidance

And hint… if you’re in fear - switch off the news it reduces that future fear x 5000! Unsubscribe from fear-mongering or accounts further perpetuating the future fear, Be informed, aware and focus on your inner world.

How do you deal with it when you are in fear?

Charlotte xx

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