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Find the joy

Sep 13, 2021


With so much negativity, fear and uncertainty in the world - it can be a daunting and sometimes scary place to be. I invite you right now to think about this.⁣

All of the above is true 💯

You can however, let the regrets and guilt of yesterday be gone and let the worries of tomorrow fall away. ⁣

To remember that right now in this every moment you are alive, you are breathing and to embrace this. To be here now. ⁣

What can you find joy in today? ⁣
Where can you lean in and find gratitude?⁣

DROP It below and spread your JOY like it's fairy dust. ⁣

Share this as a reminder to everyone to look for the joy in today, even if it doesn't always feel joyful. ⁣💗

Love and Light⁣

Charlotte xx

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