Finding My Power

Jan 27, 2023
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One thing I've really had to do to on my journey is find my power. Almost like I gave it away at a garage sale and forgot to collect it. 😔

Because, I never wanted to host events, I never wanted to go LIVE on Instagram, share pictures of myself, I didn't want everyone to look at me, I didn't want to stand/sit at the front of a room and host something because I didn't believe I had the confidence. I didn't believe in myself and the thought of having to SPEAK ON CAMERA or to people period made me want to crap my pants 💩… I just couldn't do it.

I was all up in my head.. "you can't do that, people don't want to hear from you, you've got nothing of value to share, you'll fail, you don't have the confidence, what will people think?'

I know my clients and probably you do the same thing too. You get all up in your head... thinking, overthinking, criticising yourself. You struggle to make decisions or take specific action on what you desire because that scatter brain, racing mind takes over and you believe it. I get it that was me too. Confidence felt like it was so fucking hard.

When I broke free EVERYTHING changed. In my relationships, in my business and in my life. I reclaimed any and all power I gave away to others' opinions, to my beliefs about myself, my fears, my insecurities and my doubts.

Ask yourself - Am I existing in PURE POTENTIAL AND MY INFINITE POWER or am I in fear?

I want you to decide... are you claiming your power this year?

Declaring it's YOURS with a full-body fuck yes?

Listen deeply to your intuition?

To trust yourself and your decisions?

To Be Confident and Powerful

Know, feel and believe that you've got this!

Remember - The Life you want is YOURS for the taking.

Charlotte xx

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