Hard Lesson

Aug 10, 2022

Over the past 2 months, I’ve realised how deeply an old wound has been keeping me stuck.

The sister-wound! Simply put; the sister wound is pain/distrust many of us feel when relating to other women. It’s not specially relating to ’sisters’ although it can be. Interestingly mine isn’t as I have a beautiful loving heart-based relationship with mine.

I’ve craved that depth and connection in biz and spirituality. As with any pattern it created excuses; reasons, and justifications. I have been keeping to myself, isolated & ultimately hiding. Telling myself stories that ‘women can’t be trusted, they aren’t really my people, I don’t need any more ‘friends’, deeper connections at that level in life and business are hard’ etc.

It hurt a lot to see this in myself. To observe this pattern, be with the pain and witness it. I realised through multiple events during my upbringing this has been repeated. I went through a period at high school where I was bullied by girls, a friend slept with my boyfriend in my early 20’s, women in business further exasperated this, to name but a few and let’s just say the list was LONNNGG.

In order for me to heal, I’ve had to open myself up. I debated & resisted this a lot through fear, discomfort & lack of trust in myself too.

But I realised I was the only one suffering. The pain of the past was there, where it should be the past, I had been giving my energy and power away to it.

So I bit the bullet and did a women's healing retreat and over the past 2 months, I have had the privilege of welcoming in 3 beautiful soul-sisters. I had to get vulnerable. I had to allow women to see me and to hold me. To be supported. I have never felt anything quite as powerful, as loving and as nurturing as what I’m feeling now.

We’re not meant to walk this path alone.
there are hands that can reach out to hold and support you
there are people who will love ALL of you; weirdness, quirks, pain all of it.
You get to be held and seen beautiful soul.

The Sister Circle Thursday 7pm AWST is bringing all the love to you. It’s heart-based healing to allow you to see what is possible for you. Join the Freebie Library to gain access. Click Here

Charlotte xx

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