Hate wearing shorts?⁣ ☹

Jun 02, 2021

Hands up if you hate wearing shorts?⁣ ☹

I’ll let you in on something, my legs still on occasion bother me. They have been an area of my body I have struggled with. I was nick-named thunder thighs as a child and it kind of stuck in my head, that this was the worst thing and I needed to hide them.⁣😞

Up until 2016 I hated wearing shorts in public.⁣

I would say things to myself like -⁣

‘Look at your cellulite, your legs are disgusting, you don’t have a thigh gap, no one needs to see that, cover up, your legs aren’t lean or toned!’ It took so much courage to get me out of the house with shorts on and the feeling of being so uncomfortable ruined wherever I was going. How could I possibly enjoy an event in shorts, when I was beating myself up so much? It was as if everyone was staring at me, they were all looking at my horrible legs.⁣

It’s taken me some work to get here, but now I love my legs and all they do for me. They are strong AF, they can squat, deadlift, walk, run and skip. They carry me every single day and if you follow me on story, these babies make me one hell of a DANCER...(ok maybe I got a little carried away with the dancing part) but the rest is 100% true.

And, yes they join at the thigh, yes they have stretch marks, lumps, bumps and dimples and cellulite.⁣

The truth is –⁣

💕No one is looking at you and your legs for the reason you tell yourself they are⁣

💕Even if they do look at you – what other people think about you is a reflection of THEM not about you⁣

💕Life is too bloody short to worry if people are staring at your legs.⁣

💕Those legs have carried you through LIFE⁣

So lovely, wear the damn shorts.⁣

Don't let another thought about your body stop you from living! ⁣

Have you struggled to wear shorts or another item of clothing because of your thoughts about your body, tell me?

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