Healing isn't Pretty⁣

Nov 03, 2021

Healing isn't pretty⁣

I thought being on the spiritual path and healing was doing a breathwork class, meditating and checking in with my oracle cards for guidance.⁣

I was WRONG, oh so wrong. ⁣

💫Healing is sitting in the pain; the sadness, the anger, the frustration and FEELING. ⁣

💫It is facing your shadow self and learning to love it.⁣

💫It is nurturing yourself on the days you are critical and want to drink a bottle of wine and instead choosing to love yourself.⁣

💫It is sitting with your inner child and providing the safety and love it needs. ⁣

💫It is being with your grief and processing it, allowing it to move through your body. However, long it takes.⁣

💫It is surrendering to what is, accepting what you cannot change and STILL loving regardless.⁣

💫It is GROWING through life's challenges and not being defined by them.⁣

💫It is looking in the mirror in the darkest of days and giving yourself permission to be. To love yourself when you most want to run and hide. ⁣

💫It is catching yourself in the middle of being angry and instead of snapping choosing silence.⁣

💫It is facing your fears, your limiting beliefs and using them as the doorway.⁣

💫When the world feels scary, wrong and in crisis, finding your own joy and choosing to spread that. ⁣

Please don't misinterpret healing for fixing.⁣

You aren't broken. ⁣

It isn't always pretty but I promise it is worth it.⁣💕

Tell me what you've learnt on your spiritual path so far? ⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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