Feb 04, 2022

Connecting to Spirit, Your Guides, Angels and receiving their signs and messages comes when you are out of your head, are willing open and receive and you are vibrating at a level that your guides can connect with.

Your angels want you to know how supported you are through all the highs and lows.

Trust the signs will come and guide you, support you and hold you in the light.

This was taken 2 days after Boyd and I got married as we witnessed the most incredible Full Moon the dancing green heart orb.

Do you know the color for the heart chakra is green?
Thanks to my guardian angel for being by my side and providing this gift.

Do you receive messages from Spirit? How do they come to you?

If you'd love to Raise Your Vibration receive more messages and guidance from source Join the Raise Your Vibe Workshop. Doors Close tonight.

I can’t wait to see you inside. Get on board the high vibe train

Charlotte xx

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