Heavy, Flat, Unmotivated, Sad

Mar 31, 2022

Heavy, Flat, Unmotivated, Sad

Pretty much sums up the waves I’ve felt for the past week. I’ve had some really shitty days and then some amazing days. I’ve been feeling so connected, grateful and in joy then hitting the flat again. These past 2 have been intense, heavily emotional and honestly freaking tough.

If you’re feeling a dense heaviness in your body, not being able to sleep, headaches, fatigue, maybe even super emotional or anxious hang in there.

Since the Equinox and as the darker mornings are upon us in the Southern Hemipshere its often a time to explore the darkness within and retreat. (Dark isn’t bad) Life right now will present you with circumstances, challenges, situations to do this. To uncover, Explore so you can live more fully in the light. Aeries season, all that fire and then the Huge solar flares from the sun create massive upgrades in energies for us here on earth. (no coincidence fire/sun/aeries)

The old patterns, feelings, emotions and energy will surface so they can fall away and welcome in the new.

Big change is coming.

I personally can’t wait for the New Moon on April 1 as it gives us the opportunity to reflect, release, heal. Now isn’t the time to hold on to the heavy, but allow what is here to be, without judgement, surrender and allow what is leaving to leave.

How can you support yourself during this time -

💫Don’t judge yourself, it’s ok to be exactly where you are, if you feel heavy it's ok to feel heavy sometimes, you a human after all (3D feels)

💫Go gently, rest more, take a nap if you can, have a sleep in, be more vs do

💫Stay grounded, connect to mother earth and be in the present moment.

💫Move your body, soul-nourishing movement, yoga, walks, cardio whatever gets you deeply connected to your body.

💫Clear your space - Sage yourself and your home, clear the energy to welcome in the new.

💫Look inwardly and connect to yourself, your higher guidance knows what you need more than anyone or anything else.

How have you been feeling?

Charlotte xx

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