Helpless this week

Mar 04, 2022

I’ve felt pretty helpless this week

The heavy energy and the collective challenges have been some of the biggest I’ve ever felt and seen🥺

What can I do?
What should I say?
How best can I support?

I’ve recorded a podcast that will be released asap to help with navigating these times. Until then on a practical 3D level. Here are some things I’ve found supportive -

Do you have the resources or financial ability to help? It’s ok if you don’t, if you do where will this best be directed, tune into your intuition and if you have the capacity offer it.

Do you have an ear you could offer someone in need, sharing a post, spreading the word on what’s required and who needs support is really helpful. Do you know someone in the area who is in need of something or can ask around for you?

Stay informed but not overwhelmed - this means you are looking after yourself too. Your mental health matters, you matter.

Feeling is part of being human, if you want to cry do. (I sure have). If you want to scream… do that too. Alllll are so welcome and part of being human.

Check in with yourself, what do you intuitively need today?

What could you give to yourself - Drop it below ⬇️⬇️

Sending so much love💕

Charlotte xx

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