Holy Shit

May 19, 2022

Holy Shit

I sat down head in hands last week tears streaming down my face, exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling this weight and heaviness on my chest.

One thing seemed to roll into another, then another, then another, ranging from a deeply personal awful situation I was faced with, to our move interstate, feeling really unsettled, out of control and then I got hacked for $$$ Which lead me to question every single thing about myself, my life & my business.

I looked over at Boyd and said ‘what am I doing, why did we just make this huge decision, what if it’s a mistake, I’m such a failure, How can I even call myself a spiritual coach if this is how I’m feeling?’

I felt the spiral of thoughts invade my head, the bullshit lies I told myself on repeat for years came back.

It took me days to claw my way through it. The thoughts, feelings, beliefs and depth of work that was required to look at and see it all, without judgement.

Facing the questions, my own identity and the uncertainty… 'who even am I? What have I come here for? Why do I find myself struggling like this’

It was scary, heart opening, beautiful and soul destroying all in the same breath.

I sat with myself, allowed it all to unravel, felt this deep sadness for what I thought I was ‘losing’ had already ‘lost’ or could potentially ‘lose’

It hurt and it was a death, letting go of the old, releasing, not gripping tighter so the new could be reborn.

If you have been questioning yourself recently, feeling challenged by life, things are falling away or bubbling to the surface, you're uncertain about where your life is leading you right now and you feel this heaviness and deep emotions with it.

Hold yourself
Love yourself
Ground yourself
Be Compassionate

It's time to surrender to all that is and allow all that is waiting to unfold to enter.

The truth, this work, the spiritual path, the self-development and healing journey - is just that… a journey. It’s not a bandaid or magical medicine that ‘fixes’ anything.

It’s a path of unlearning and relearning who you really are.

Charlotte xx

P.S Yes you would be correct in assuming that is toothpaste on my top and I haven’t washed my hair in 8 days πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚

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