How about you just trust!

Mar 03, 2023
Charlotte Beswick wearing a white gown looking out a window

I sat down to meditate and received a message from my intuition to change something HUGE, VERY last minute and impactful in my business and life 😳

I immediately went into all the reasons why this wasn’t going to happen, my mind was trying to rationalise why this wasn’t smart/justifying reasons to keep it as it was, I started to notice the wheels of my brain spinning. I was being mean to myself, criticising myself. My ego was jumping in. ‘No, No, No don’t do it, what will people think, you can’t’ I broke down in tears.

I had to really hold myself through this, feel all the feels, the resistance and everything in-between. Then when I sat with it, messaged my coach for a sounding board and I FELT the energy of what was needed.
The next message came - TRUST

So I made the change, the scary change, the uncertain change, the unknown and the GULP Hard decision.

I’m realising more and more how much my past has limited by ability to really trust myself and my intuition. I still get all heady sometimes and go into pros and cons instead of feeling into it. Is that my mind or my intuition? (yep I still ask that question!) The difference is I don’t like my mind rule the show anymore. I have the courage to make the tough decisions and do it regardless of any perceived consequences.

I made the courageous decision and although it felt clunky and awkward, there were lots of tears, I was scared AF. I did it anyway. I trusted and immediately - I felt light!

A key thing I teach is how to actually know and then listen to your intuition and when it is guiding you. How to feel the energy and the wisdom of the body and how to get out of your head.

BUT I’m still learning and practising this.

I’m not here to be a perfect coach/healer.
I’m here to share the clunky.
The bits in between, the messy, the unknown, the scary and the truth.
I’m here to TRUST in myself and my intuition. I’m here to be a leader.

and that isn’t always comfortable

Tell me what decisions/change you’re currently navigating

Big Love 💕

Charlotte xx

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