I did NOT love myself

Aug 06, 2021

Spread it - like it’s the air you breathe. 💓😤⁣

Have you ever been told or believed you can’t receive heart centred, wholesome love unless you love yourself first? That is not TRUE! ⁣

Have you ever believed you’re not worthy of love; because you don’t love yourself 100%? That’s also not true. ⁣

For so long I believed these too. ⁣
Until I met my partner - I did NOT love myself when he came into my life. ⁣

I had decided to start to learn, BIG DIFFERENCE. I was on the journey and had been for a year when we met. ⁣

So here are some truths people don’t tell you about Self-love & Relationships⁣

💓Receiving love is like receiving gravity - no one is exempt!⁣

💓Sure, the more you love yourself, respect yourself and own your worth the lighter your relationships will be, the more joyful life will be⁣

💓Filling your cup full of self-love then giving from the overflow; means you give others the BEST of you not the dribs and drabs.⁣

💓You’ll have days where you don’t love yourself 100%, that doesn’t mean others don’t love you … errrr hello 🤦‍♀️. That’s like saying you don’t love your partner/friends or family when they don’t feel their best - you ACTUALLY lean into loving them even more.⁣

Loving yourself should be first - Then spread that shit like it’s air.⁣💓

The world needs you to love yourself and the world needs more love, kindness and compassion being spread. ⁣


Have you believed any of these about self-love before? 🤔

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