I didn’t trust myself

Sep 02, 2022
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I didn’t trust myself…

I told myself I could though, because -

I intuitively channel for clients healing sessions, I'd hear a message & with an unwavering ability to trust the messages & speak them out

Know that any challenge happening in my world is for my highest good and souls evolution

Spill/break/lose something, knowing it is exactly as it’s meant to be, without getting upset/annoyed

Make decisions in my personal life with EASE, following my intuition and the energy and going Hell Yes or Hells No

Deciding to sell everything I own and travel the world with complete uncertainty and no clue what that looks like- I know I’m meant to & always supported.

Listening or even ask for a message around my business/an offering/what I’m here to share GULP = NO TRUST

Fear, Doubt, spiral into overthinking, self-judgement, indecision. Couldn't make a decision = Procrastination.

It was keeping me stuck from fully sharing/owning my healing gifts this lifetime. I even questioned that I had anything to offer the world

I’ve learnt some hard lessons & I know this -

It comes down to being prepared to fully trust in yourself & your vision.

Hearing and then knowing the message/guidance is for you and following it.

To feel safe in your body and in loving aligned action from a regulated place

I've felt super clunky, unsure, uncertain & had to be willing to take imperfect action.

I'm currently existing in a new way, a deep sense of self-trust and my whole world has shifted. I've manifested 3 of the biggest things in my business & personal life in a week! A week of shifting the energy & moving this into embodiment.

How willing are you to love yourself through imperfection?

To go all in regardless of doubt/fear/overthinking?

Where are you holding yourself back because you don’t feel like you can trust?

You're here to go all in on you, in life and business & to receive and embody your most abundant life

Tell me - Do you trust yourself?

Charlotte xx

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