I feel like a hypocrite⁣

Oct 18, 2021

I feel like a hypocrite⁣

I've had no energy for the past week, I’ve felt emotional, tired and anxious.⁣
I just want to sleep! I have 0 energy for shitting glitter 💩 or sprouting unicorns 🦄 .⁣

I shared on my stories today that I am currently lay in bed working and having meetings because... that’s just where I am and how I feel. ⁣

The voice inside my head said - ‘you must be a shit coach and healer if you have no energy'.⁣

'You teach people how to have more energy - pppfft some coach you are, what is wrong with you?’ ⁣

This old familiar voice that tore me down every single day for years reared it’s head today. Someone handed it a megaphone. ⁣
But I didn’t allow it to consume me. ⁣
It was still there as it is some days.⁣
But I don’t believe everything it tells me.⁣

If you criticise yourself, you have that mean voice inside your head, the one that criticises you, beats you up and causes you to feel like shit. ⁣

I want you to know⁣

It is not all true⁣
Everyone has that voice⁣
Just because it tells you something - you don’t need to believe it.⁣
You can turn it down and stop it’s ranting. ⁣

and please know life is not perfect⁣
Even if you see all the fancy pictures, posts and life on IG that you compare yourself to. Those people have bad days, moments, weeks even months sometimes. ⁣
Everyone faces challenges even if you don’t see them.⁣

I know with absolute certainty going through this phase, surrendering, feeling it, healing myself, makes me a better coach and healer.

Because first and foremost I am HUMAN.⁣

Tell me how are you feeling today? Energy to shit glitter? ⁣💩

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