I got married 😮

Feb 03, 2022

I never thought I'd get married 😮

I never actually believed a heart-led, conscious, relationship was possible. I had never seen or had displayed in my life a loving marriage.

With a past history of some train crash toxic ex's, growing up with childhood trauma, a LOUD AF inner critic, challenges the list was pretty long. I actually believed that marriage wasn't something I would be gifted with this lifetime. I kind of accepted it.

Little did I know that 11 years ago my soul mate would manifest in my life.

The most incredible, beautiful, loving human I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and Is by my side.

It's a gift, I don't take our relationship, our love for granted for 1 second

Its soul led, conscious and improves each year.

I'm going to cut the fluff, it takes work. We don't just have this relationship we create it. We have had struggles.

I know that this type of relationship is possible for you too.

11 years ago I was in a bad space. Anxious, overthinking, bulimia for 13 years, panic attacks were the norm, I was on anti-anxiety meds, I hated myself, I yo-yo-dieted and was so cruel to myself. I actually believed I wasn't good enough or worthy. I have done a FUCK TONNE of work on me to get to today.

I want you to know what I believe from my experience what it takes-

1. Willingness to look at yourself (no pretty affirmations here, A DEEP fucking willingness to go within look in the mirror and do the work)
2. Be courageous in conversations (this took me YEARS)
3. Saying yes to you before your SO (gulp. I give my husband the best of me because I say yes to me first, not selfish its an act of selfless love)
4. Heal the relationship with you (you can't hate yourself and expect that there won't be clunks in your relationship). You are however so freaking worthy of love no matter what.

Soul mate relationships are possible for you. Even if you don’t have a partner yet, or you’re struggling with your current one.

Your past doesn’t dictate your future - you do.

Charlotte x

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