I hate my stomach

Aug 16, 2021

'I hate my stomach'⁣

4 different calls, 4 different women, this week alone. 😔⁣

This is my belly⁣
It rolls⁣
It hangs over my pants when I sit down⁣
I have ‘muffin tops’ (freaking love a good muffin I do 🙌)⁣
It bloats⁣
It is soft and squishy⁣
It grows and stretches


It is not the enemy⁣

Your thoughts about it are⁣...

Your body is the MOST INCREDIBLE thing⁣
and it is YOURS⁣
for so long you may have hated it⁣
Despised it⁣
pulled at it, looked down in disgust that it hasn’t changed⁣
You may wish, hope and pray it didn’t look the way it did⁣

But lovely⁣
It is yours⁣ 💓
and you are worthy no matter how your stomach looks⁣
No matter how much it rolls, creases, folds, stretches⁣
It doesn’t need to be changed⁣
Your thoughts however do⁣
And you can change them⁣🙌

Things that help with the way you think and about your body - ⁣

💓Stop pulling and cringing when you look at it, look and treat your body like it is your best friend.⁣
💓Say 1 kind thing about it DAILY⁣
💓Think of what you are grateful to your body for, what does it do for you?⁣
💓If your clothes don’t fit your body - remember your body is not the problem.⁣

and remember⁣
You are worthy no matter what⁣

Tell me what are you grateful to your body for?⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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