I Miss Home⁣

Nov 03, 2021

I miss home⁣

I miss my family, I miss my Mum, my sister and my neices and despite the UK having a different mothers day, I felt snappy yesterday, a little bit anxious and at times sad too. ⁣

It's ok to not be ok all the time.⁣

Two things that really help me -⁣

1. Acceptance - I've leaned deeply into accepting what is. Accepting I have 0 control over the borders being open. Instead being eternally grateful for what I have, the memories I hold and for technology. I've fully accepted it may be another year or even 2 before I see family, I have accepted my Mum may not be here or remember me next time I get home. It was tough to get to this place; there were lots of tears but being here now and fully accepting no longer leads to frustration and anger. ⁣

2. Have fun and live in the now - LIVING is the greatest gift. I tell jokes, I laugh at myself, I show up as all of me as a gift to my Mum. I take the piss out of myself and don't try and fit into a box. Yes, I can't see family but I am so privileged to have a family and I live happily with so much joy in my heart for them.⁣

So let's have some fun ⁣🤣

Tell me below what would your application to my rowing team say? ⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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