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I sat with head in hands and cried 😭

May 03, 2023
Charlotte Beswick walking on a beach

My energy felt off, I felt really ungrounded, unsettled, uncertain and out of sorts. Things started to weigh heavy on me; spiralling thoughts that playing on repeat and I felt heavy.

What should I do?
Why was this happening?
What did I need?

The coach/healer in me LOVES to work through beliefs so I can heal (blessing and curse)

I switched off my phone and took myself to the beach (not always easy for me to do, my mind wanted to keep working, I wanted to get back to people, create, do and focus on my business plans for June/July)ðŸĪŠ

BUT I knew I needed to recharge and be with myself. I didn’t need conversations, I didn’t need to be around anyone, I didn’t need to DO anything, I just needed to be.

Sitting in stillness, gave me time to feel, reflect and take a step back. To be fully in the present moment.

Some stuff was surfacing, it had been simmering for a while and it all came up like a mini-volcano erupting inside of me. More tears.

I worked through some big hard questions around myself, my beliefs, my biz and feeling the feelings weren’t pretty. I felt like I was having a mini-fall apart moment (aka volcano eruption). So I decided to take a break from social media and my business to focus on me, my energy and what I needed. #thanksmercury

I was coaching/healing and supporting clients which felt really good and nourishing but everything else was NOT a priority. My podcast, emails, and social media - NOPE

Within 4 days I felt huge shifts, I’d worked through some old beliefs that had surfaced, my energy came back & I started to feel alive again. Not distracted but fully present. We rode around the island and I felt this lightness and freedom, I said to Boyd this is why I do it.
This is why I choose to deal with the hard moments. This is why I feel the big feelings, have the difficult conversations, why I look deeply within myself and I stop doing so I can be. (even when that is difficult for me sometimes)

Don’t let the pictures fool you into thinking there are no behind-the-scenes tears and meltdowns but back from my healing cocoon.

How have you been feeling this week? Full Moon in Scorpio feels?

Charlotte xx

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