I've been in a sh*t sandwich...

Jul 13, 2021
I haven't been on my socials this week, cancelled all my clients, did next to no work and aside from dropping in and supporting my Academy clients, I have taken a step back from business and anything none essential. 
These past 8 days my Mum has deteriorated in the UK and I am faced with LOTS of emotions/feelings and a distance I can't change. 
I feel helpless as I watch her dying through a phone screen. Unable to leave Australia and sometimes on some days, it feels like I’m a prisoner. (Of course, I know, I am merely a prisoner to my thoughts about it. My ego had a party around that prisoner part this week)
So instead of push push push, doing more. I have welcomed in the firmest boundaries I think I’ve ever had and entered a healing cave. 
Me - Myself and I and It has been painful, really freaking painful. 
I have been frustrated AF, I have cried more tears than buckets could fill, I’ve not slept some nights and I have and continue to face my shadow self. (I also sat and binge-watched 4 Twilight Movies… errrr hello Jacob, that part was not so painful)
I have also had the MOST incredible spiritual guidance; messages and insight. (Stay tuned for more about that in the coming months)
When we are going through big shifts, energetic upgrades, life challenges, grief, emotions or just shit sandwiches, it is so important we are tuning in and listening to what we need. You don't need to 'push through', just get over it, show up when you don't feel like it and pretend to be ok. 
Ask yourself this simple but incredibly powerful question - What do I need? What does my Soul need today?
That is NOT selfish, it is in fact, a divine act of self-love.
When you give to yourself, you are able to give others the best of you. 
For me, I needed to take a step back, a different perspective and to love the shit out of myself. Feeling alllll the feels and now as a result uncovering deeper truths and perspectives. 
I see so many people avoiding, afraid to feel. Unsure how to deal with challenges when they arise, running into all the what if’s, overthinking and living in fear and anxiety. 
Here is the thing though - we have NEVER been given the tools to deal with challenges. 
No school lesson teaches you how to handle it.
No after school club, sports event, history or English lesson educated you on LIFE.
There certainly wasn't a 'here is how you prepare for 2020 - 2021!'
So now it is your job to teach yourself the tools and skills to work through it. 
Not project this onto others or internalise it, but to HEAL YOURSELF.
Please know that feelings are HUMAN! It is OK to cry, to feel HOWEVER you do. 
Whilst I don’t want to go into any more detail today, I just wanted to share some real with you. 
I am high vibe, energised, happy, peaceful, calm 90% of the time, the other % is doing the work to get me there. 
For me to show up last week happy, joyful and full of life it would have been fake AF and inauthentic and I see enough of that.
I had 0 energy to give to others, my cup needed to be filled (hello boundaries)
I’m feeling so so much more like myself today, the external hasn't changed but feel more ready and better equipped to navigate this part of my journey. 
I have this incredible peace and calm now, despite it all. This space of gratitude, appreciation and awe for life. (thanks Mum)
I just wanted to share some real with you today and letting you know if you’ve been going through some challenging times recently, hang in there.
This too shall pass.
You've got this. 
Would you like to know how I do it? How I heal myself? How I set killer boundaries with 0 guilt? How I face these challenges WITHOUT overthinking them?
I’m sharing all the tools inside The Academy and how I am navigating the rough times for my slice of nirvana. JOIN HERE
Love and Light 
Charlotte xx

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