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I've got a secret

Aug 06, 2021

I've got a secret... ⁣

You weren't born criticising yourself, afraid of what people think, not speaking up, hating your body, afraid to say no and not saying what you want and need... ⁣

You were only born afraid of two things ⁣

Loud noises and being dropped!

Even as a toddler you had absolutely no problem using the word No. You weren't afraid of what people thought, or about being judged. If you've ever tried to give a toddler a green plate when they want the red one....You will know how decisive they are about what they want and there is no changing their mind. ⁣

So what happened? ⁣

Beliefs, conditioning, society. You started to feel guilty for talking too loud, people won't like you if you say that, you hated your stomach or your legs, allll the what ifs and should play over in your head. You can't wear clothes because of your 'body', you can't speak up in meetings through fear of being judged. ⁣

You think, ovethink and think some more and then you stay quiet. Not speaking up, owning your voice, staying in indecision, criticising your body, even deciding what you want to wear in the morning is a struggle. ⁣

Feeling truly confident was something I struggled with and if you're reading this then there is a very high chance you do too. ⁣

If you're feeling like this, then please know you aren't alone.

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