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Inappropriate Questions

Dec 29, 2020

'When are you getting married then?'⁣
'Are you having kids?'⁣

I got asked this question the other day and the truth is - I was a little taken aback. Although I used to get it all the time. The reality is that it is none of anyone's business.⁣

If you think this is small talk for your friends who are 'single or unmarried' or 'don't have kids yet' it isn't. You have absolutely no idea what they are going through.⁣

Even if they aren't going through anything. Ahem... they may be perfectly happy. Staying in their lane, being themselves, loving their life, loving their partner, without being married and having kids!⁣

Societal brainwashing causes us to believe we 'should' be doing things a certain way, by a certain time, because everyone else is. That shit irks me. ⁣

Just think for a second.

Maybe they want to get married, but it hasn't happened. Maybe they've decided against marriage due to personal trauma they experienced in their own life. Maybe they haven't met their person yet. Maybe they made a decision they don't want a partner in their life, because other relationships haven't worked out. ⁣

Maybe... just maybe they can't have children and they are heartbroken. Maybe this is an extremely sensitive topic for them. Maybe they are desperately trying for a baby and it hasn't happened for them yet. Maybe they just hate kids and don't want them! (completely understandable :-) On a side note, I love kids my nieces are my world)⁣

Be you⁣
Do you⁣

Focus on yourself⁣
Focus on what you want⁣
Don't try and conform to societal expectations⁣

and please stop asking your friends these questions! ⁣

If they want to share with you information pertaining to these subjects - they will. ⁣

I'd love to hear, what is the most inappropriate question you've ever been asked? 🤣⁣⬇️🤣

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