Inner Critic

Dec 23, 2020

Give me a hell yeah ⬇️⁣⬇️

The voice of the inner critic can be annoying at times. I used to argue with mine. 'Shut up, No you're wrong, I can eat that, I should speak up, I want to say that though' sound familiar? I remember having more than a few choice words for it on quite a few occasions 🤣

The thing is, that voice isn't all true and arguing with it doesn't support you. But, I know it's hard to get away from.

Letting it stop you from living your life, is a whole different thing. ⁣

Life is precious, magical, beautiful, hard, euphoric, challenging, amazing, messy and incredible. All those come as a package, don't let your voice STOP you from enjoying any moment. Don't let it stop you from living! ⁣

So today... and every day

Wear the damn dress⁣
Go to the beach⁣
Eat the cake⁣
Ask the guy out⁣
Book the holiday⁣
Ask for the pay rise⁣
Wear the bikini⁣
Quit the job⁣
Practice stillness
Leave the relationship⁣
Book the class⁣
Start the business ⁣
Try the new hobbie⁣
Ask for help⁣

The life you want is YOURS for the taking, so lovely go out there and GRAB ⁣IT. 💕

Ready to embrace life and not buy into that voice. Give me a hell yeah below ⬇️ ⁣

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