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Leap and the Universe will catch you

May 05, 2022

If you’re prepared to say yes to yourself and life - then NOW is the time

It’s not the time to stay where you are through fear… it's time for you to have some faith that things won’t just work out, but will work out even better than you could have expected.

Even if that isn’t how your “mind” wants it to work out

You’ll never know if you don’t leap…

If fear is present as you make changes, challenges come up, this isn’t a sign to stop, it’s a sign to face them.

Let the universe support you

Take a big run up and jump

We said fuck yes to our dream life, big breath, few toilet trips, fear and we are going all in.

Life is here to be lived so take this, this post and this card as your sign to leap

Where are you being called to make changes yet you’re letting your mind get in the way?

Charlotte xx

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