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Left or Right

Nov 03, 2021


I would constantly tell myself alllll the things on the left. ⁣

My mindset was pretty shitty, I was stuck in struggle street and constantly found myself lost in negative thoughts. I would overthink all the little things, constantly playing on repeat, I wasn't good enough, I couldn't do that, I should do more.⁣

I was stuck.⁣

Until I focused on changing the way I was thinking.

When I changed my mindset and got out of my head - my entire life changed. ⁣

This isn't about judging yourself for being on the left, it's about recognising you are so you can move forward. Being kind, nurturing and supporting yourself.⁣

Learning the tools to change. Not just think a positive thought but actually embody long term changes that LAST.

Tell me are you in the left or right column?⁣

Charlotte xx⁣

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