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Apr 08, 2023
Charlotte Beswick kissing an elephant in Thailand

Some moments in life stop you in your tracks and take your breath away
They cause this pause in time and as you breathe it all in, you’re blown away with the magnificence of your experience.

Today will forever be etched in my heart and mind. One of my top life experiences to date as I got to spend time with rescued elephants. Their calm nature, playful essence, quirky personality’s and love for the snacks made me take a step back in awe of these phenomenal creatures and their journey.

All the challenges and struggles they have endured during their life in the tourist trade to now living a free life of play, fun, peace and calm.

I realized these elephants are like me; my own journey, my own hardships, challenges, my own limiting beliefs, all the trauma I experienced. The crappy stories I’ve told myself and believed over the years.

I sat on the bus on the way home and felt all emotional. This life we’ve created, Travelling the world, these moments we get to experience isn’t something I take for granted for a single second and it’s a phenomenal gift.

Embarking on this journey as a digital nomad and soul-led biz owner I told myself I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t possible for me, I couldn’t run a business, I didn’t know enough, it was too hard, no one did my job fully remotely, there were too many challenges, I struggled so much, there was too much uncertainty, I didn’t have the confidence. 😩

Until I changed all those crappy stories, I healed myself and shifted my thoughts, feelings and beliefs and I did it. I created the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Your power and what’s possible for you. Change those stories and your life will change.

Announcement coming Tuesday 👀

Charlotte xx

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