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Love Yourself

Dec 29, 2020

I remember jumping on the scales, just hoping, praying the number would have gone down. Just by 1. I’d eaten well, been to the gym that morning, surely it had gone down?⁣

I was exhausted, the voice inside my head was so fucking loud.⁣

‘See here you are again. You’ve failed. You’ve not exercised enough. You’ve eaten too much. There is no way it’s going to say what you want it to. Try a new diet. Cut your calories’⁣

I was sick of it. Sick of the constant battle, sick of chasing a number, sick of my mind racing, sick of worrying about food, how I would look, what other people thought of me and hating on my body. ⁣

Buying this shirt 3 years ago and I felt this warmth inside, I had to have it!⁣

I stood at the side of the road in Honduras, this tiny makeshift shop, knowing how much that word meant to me. A word I missed feeling towards myself for so long. It depicted everything. Everything I wished I could have felt for myself for so many years. A deep, true love. Everything that day filled me with so much joy and happiness from the inside out. This shirt was the icing. ⁣

The difference when I wore this shirt, from if I’d have worn it any time before, was this time I really felt it!⁣

Don’t let the scales, the mean inner critic, the voice inside your head dictate your worth.⁣

You gorgeous - are worthy.⁣
You are enough⁣
You are more than enough⁣
You do not need to seek that worth in anything outside of you⁣
It’s right here, deep inside your heart.⁣
It’s inherent⁣

Give yourself some love today.⁣
You lovely, you do deserve it 😘⁣

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