Monday Morning Reminder

Aug 24, 2021

Every single Monday Morning I would feel guilty and start a diet.⁣

Feel guilty for the decisions I made at the weekend⁣
Beat myself up for what I didn’t get done⁣
Punish myself at the gym⁣
Count Calories⁣
Start a new diet⁣
Track everything I ate⁣
I 'had' to exercise⁣
I HAD to lose weight and burn off what I ate yesterday⁣

January was worse, it would be a serious BLUR of punishment, self-loathing, guilt and new years resolutions to NEVER Drink or each chocolate again. It was torture… only to give up 3 weeks in and feel like I would never get there and like a complete failure. ⁣

Now my life ⁣

No diets⁣
No self-criticism for how much I eat/drink⁣
No overexercising⁣
No exercise because I need to ‘burn it off’⁣
No bullshit resolutions⁣
Stillness, Peace and Calm ⁣

More importantly ⁣
In love with myself⁣

Please Lovely⁣

If you ate cake or drank wine, had a pizza, ate a bar of chocolate you don’t need to do ANYTHING for it today. If you sat on the couch and watched Netflix instead of doing your to-do list. That is ok. ⁣

Don’t let your decisions yesterday dictate how you feel today.⁣

Charlotte x⁣

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