My 36th lap around the sun

Dec 08, 2021

Today marks my 36th lap around the sun 🌞

I am 36, I have 0 kids and I'm not married. I didn’t go to uni. That doesn’t mean anything about me.

I'm not existing on anyone else's timeline. I'm seeing where the adventure of life takes me, I'm breathing it allllll in and living in the now.

Here are my 36 lessons for 36 years.

💕Stop being so bloody mean to yourself, criticising, judging yourself and your body
💕Humanity is cruel, mean and sometimes hurtful, it's also beautiful, amazing and life-giving.
💕Don’t waste time doing shit you hate
💕Turn off the TV - Mainstream Media is toxic AF
Be you - STOP hiding yourself through 💕fear of the below
💕Stop giving a SHIT what other people think about you
💕Be BRAVE Be Courageous
Surround yourself with like-minded people - just because they’ve been your friend for 10 years doesn’t mean they have to be forever
💕Stop Being FAKE, it is EXHAUSTING,
💕Own your yes and no, stop apologising for it
💕Get some boundaries
💕The government does not give two flying shits about your health - that’s up to you.
💕Start taking care of your mind, body, soul on a deep nourishing level
💕Living in FEAR lowers your immune system and makes you more prone to disease (ain't no one telling you that on the news)
💕Step away from your phone 😬
💕HEAL - your upbringing wasn’t your fault, the trauma you’ve experienced is not your fault. Your healing journey is your responsibility
💕Processed food isn’t REAL FOOD. Grow it, Farm It, Cook it. Eating crap makes you feel like crap
💕Have some bloody fun, jeezzz life is short go dance, play, laugh
💕Get ENERGY healing sooner rather than later, if I found this in my teens it would have changed my life
💕You are amazing
💕Holistic Healing Modalities will heal the planet
💕We don’t have a health care system we have a sick care system!
💕Your worth is not defined by the number on the scales, the size and shape of your body or what you own
💕You are so freaking unique just for being you - you don’t need to try and be somebody else. ⁣
💕The things you hate about yourself right now, find space to be compassionate with yourself
💕The anxiety, the doubt and fear will be overcome⁣, you don't need to live in it
💕Hustle Culture and being go go go ARE Not the only way to succeed
💕Trust your intuition more than anything else
💕Vitamin D and Nature can save your life
💕Don’t compare yourself - you aren’t like other people and THAT IS OK⁣
💕The answer isn’t in wine or in the fridge
💕That voice inside your head (your ego) isn’t you. Stop believing the bullshit lies.,
💕It is so ok to cry, to be angry, to feel frustrated you don’t need to live it forever
💕Please know how loved you are… how deeply truly loved you are⁣
💕You are always guided and cared for by things you can’t even see (hello spirit)🌌
💕You are enough, you are actually more than enough, you always have been and always will be⁣
💕you’re time isn’t running out, you’re not behind, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be
💕Life is a platform for learning, growing and evolving NOT to live in consistent struggle

I hope you have a magical day, I'm about to sit by the pool and drink a Mojito 😜

Love and Light

Charlotte xx

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