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My Dimple

Dec 23, 2020

I've got this big dimple on my right cheek that shows when I smile, I don't smile straight unless im really concentrating, the bags under my eyes aren't tiredness, I've always had them. My thighs meet, I've got cellulite and stretch marks and yeah... I squint like a pro for 📷🤣⁣

All these things I've wanted to change about myself.⁣

All I believed were 'flaws'⁣

Trying to change my body to conform to what the models in magazines looked like nearly destroyed my mental and physical health.⁣

Thigh gap was one of the worst trends and kept me in a terrible cardio trap to loose that last 5lbs for months.⁣

Trying to attain to someone elses false standards of beauty made me feel like I was less than.⁣

Not enough. Not good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. ⁣

But these things, make me me.⁣

My dimple shows how happy I am⁣
My smile being crooked reminds me of Chandler from friends ⁣
My thighs don-t just meet they squish together like a delicious sandwich and they have carried me across countries, continents and some of the hardest challenges. My stretch marks show the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and are glitter left by fairies on my journey. 🧚‍♀️⁣

So today, own you⁣
Own all of you⁣
even the perceived flaws⁣
love all of you because this is what makes you you. ⁣

Tell me 1 thing you love about yourself?⬇️💕⬇️⁣

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