My Little Girl

Feb 04, 2023
A younger version of Charlotte Beswick, around 6 or 7 years old, with a bright and radiant smile.

What I wouldn’t give to go back and whisper in your ear what you most needed to hear
To hold your hand and give you a big hug
To tell you how amazing, worthy and enough you really are
To remind you just how loved you are
To let you know that you’d make it through it all a fighter, a healer, a lover and a WARRIOR.

I would give anything to take away the pain you had, instead my journey has been re-parenting this beautiful soul. Bringing her from the darkness and back into the light. Without her journey I wouldn’t be who I am today, so I don't look back and wish I look forward and dream.

Picture 1 Age 6/7

Things started to feel ‘wrong’ at home, I found most evenings were spent in a pub, I witnessed a lot a young child ‘shouldn’t’ and I stopped being so bubbly & confident.

Picture 2

I was 12 - severely anxious, worried all the time, bulimic and purging 5/10 times a day, no one knew. I remember hiding, feeling sad&lost.

Picture 3 - Age 3

I met this little cherub on my healing journey. Saw the lightness in her eyes and decided I’m bringing this back to life. Through all the years, through all the hardships, triggers and rock-bottom moments. This is the smile that has returned.

Your past doesn’t define you - You do.
The hardest and most challenging work I have done has been with this little one (still ongoing).

I know what’s possible for you when you’re willing to do the healing work on yourself. When you’re willing to courageously step away from what isn’t serving you and embrace what you desire. To embrace your younger self and bring her along for your journey. To let go of the beliefs you don’t need to POWERFULLY claim all that you desire.

Don’t underestimate how enough you are, how amazing, worthy and beautiful you are. How much you are loved and how powerful you are. It’s time for you to realise that. To awaken the warrior within you and bring your inner child along for the journey with you.

Charlotte xx

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